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March 28, 2019


When we started Mama's Gardens, it was a with a simple premise; quality skin care made with love that was accessible to everyone.  


But it was actually more than that.   We also wanted to make soap.  Real soap. 


Many of the products we found on the market LOOK like soap and ACT like soap, but are really detergent bars with a foaming agent. 


The same thing you might use to wash your clothes.  


The difference?  Lye.  To truly be soap, it has to have lye.  Lye mixes with the oils to create soap.   After the lye and oils interact, the lye changes and is inert.  


We use a proprietary blend of oils and butters plus only the finest Essential Oils to create real soap.


Real ingredients.

Real lather.

Real scents.

Real clean.

Real soap.


Our soaps lather well, rinse easily and leave your skin feeling nourished, invigorated and, well, clean.   


We're proud of our soap and all the varieties we offer. 


Take a look, if there's something you want and we don't make it, drop us a note!  We love new ideas!




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