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June 5, 2018



That little green powder that everyone's talking about? Might be the best thing ever.

What? You don't know about Matcha? Hold on, this is going to be both fun AND educational!

Matcha is an amazing natural leaf that is ground and used in tea and a lot of skin care products. Unlike regular tea which is ground up stems, leaves and other bits & pieces, only the leaf of the Matcha plant is carefully chosen and used. This provides a powerful punch of pure properties!

Because only the best leaves are used, Matcha tea, specifically, boasts 3 times the antioxidant BOOM of regular tea. So maybe, drink a cup of Matcha Green Tea once in a while.

As far as taking care of your exterior, Matcha gets its vibrant green color from the high amount of chlorophyll it contains. What does that mean for you and your skin?
~Protection from sun damage (not sunburn-this isn't an SPF situation) and can help your skin have fewer wrinkles.

Studies have shown that Matcha also contains high levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG for us non-sciency folk) which is anti-bacterial, help skin rejuvenate cells and has antibiotic properties.

Add to the plethora of benefits that research has shown that Matcha can reduce puffiness and skin inflammation plus the Vitamin K can help lighten and reduce the dark circles under your eyes! Matcha is the way to take care of your face.

Matcha. Simply amazing.
No wonder we're always looking for new ways to incorporate Matcha into our product line.

Tune into our Facebook Live on Wednesday, June 6th when we spotlight Matcha!

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What experiences do you have with Matcha? Let us know if you've tried something with Matcha. If we add it to the line, you might just get a product named after you!

*The information in this post is not intended to suggest Matcha can or will cure any or all ailments. This information is for knowledge only. Mama's Gardens does not guarantee and results nor can Mama's Gardens be held responsible for positive or negative reactions.

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