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The Essential Essentials - Bergamot

May 31, 2018

Bergamot - Such a fancy sounding Essential Oil! A top note with a wonderful citrusy base that has a subtle spice undertone, Bergamot has a plethora of benefits.

With proper use, research has shown that Bergamot can help improve circulation as well as be beneficial in getting a good night's sleep.

Additionally, the amazing Bergamot can help prevent infections and aid in pain reduction and headaches. Plus, studies have shown that Bergamot can lessen nerve sensitivity helping with arthritis. Not bad for an oil that comes from a little green citrus fruit!

Let's talk about body odor. Or, more specifically the fact that the properties in Bergamot have been shown to help cut body odor. When you;'e shopping for a deodorant (Never, EVER use an anti-perspirant!), look for one with Bergamot!

Suffering from a "rumbly-tumbly stomach? Try adding some Bergamot to a hot cup of tea or using a massage oil with some Bergamot to calm your belly down.

Tough day at work? Anxious over a big event or feeling stressed or tense? Bergamot has you covered. Research shows that using a balm or spray with some Bergamot can help relieve tension, stress and anxiety.

If you're outdoorsy, make sure Bergamot is in your buy spray/repellant. Studies show Bergamot is an excellent all-natural mosquito and insect repellant.

So there you have it! Fancy name, fantastic Essential Oil!

Bergamot has been shown to help align and unblock the Heart Chakra, so if you feel clingy, guarded, anxious and unwilling to open yourself to love. Use a scrub or spray with Bergamot to help align and unblock the Heart Chakra and give yourself self-love and acceptance you deserve.

Do you use/like Bergamot? Let us know what you use it in!


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