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The Essential Essentials - Cedarwood

April 3, 2018

Cedarwood- Cedarwood, specifically Atlas Cedarwood, is a multi-purpose Essential Oil that has a rich history. Widely believed to be one of the first oils extracted, it was used by the Egyptians for embalming. Cedarwood and it's wonderful properties, has long been a favorite for diffusers, skin care and wellness.

Cedarwood has a rich, woody smell that blends with many other Essential Oils and compliments most masculine scents.

Calming and grounding, research has shown that Atlas Cedarwood may combat negativity. Additionally,  Cedarwood may help improve your metabolism and digestive tract.

Anti-fungal, antiseptic and with astringent properties, Cedarwood has also been shown to reduce dandruff, improve skin and eczema and relieve congestion.

With its calming properties, Atlas Cedarwood is perfect for grounding and unblocking the Root Chakra and is often used with yoga and meditation.

Atlas Cedarwood, truly a "Jack-Of-All-Essential-Oils" and featured in many of our soaps and other products.

*The information in this post is not intended to suggest the Essential Oils can or will cure any or all ailments. This information is for knowledge only. Mama's Gardens does not guarantee and results nor can Mama's Gardens be held responsible for positive or negative reactions.

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