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A little scrub goes a long way.

March 27, 2018

We've all days where our face just hurts. And not just our face, but our lips. They get dry and cracked and matter how much "stuff" we put on them, nothing seems to really help.

Mama's Gardens has the solution - Organic Lip Scrubs.

Part of the issue connects to the thin layer of skin on your lips - the lipid layer. The job of the lipid layer is to keep your lips moisturized. If your lips get dry or cracked, the lipid layer goes into overdrive to fix the balance. But, what do we do when our lips get "wonky"? We bite and pick at them, or cover them up with wax.

This is where you need a scrub. Our scrubs combine organic cane sugar with other exfoliants - typically organic freeze dried fruits such as berries, pineapple or banana to create a tasty and incredibly effective method for removing the dead, flaky skin and allowing the lipid layer to get back to work. A lip scrub is instrumental in gently getting rid of the dead, chapped skin and letting your lip balm get to work!

Once the dead skin cells are removed, your lips will have a natural glow to them and look younger, plus your lip balm or lipstick will stay on longer with more color pop! You'll have smooth, healthy and soft lips that will feel as good as they look!

One of the best parts of our Lip Scrubs are the taste. By mixing the organic freeze dried fruits with organic cane and turbinado sugar, our Lip Scrubs taste as awesome as they work! No need to wipe the scrub off, just gently lick any remainder off for a quick scrumptious snack!

Mama’s Gardens Organic Lip Scrubs. Find them under “Scrubs” or “For Your Face” on our website.

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