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A Word About The Beard.

January 11, 2018

As we roll into 2018, Mama's Gardens is extremely excited to work to expand our Men's Line.   One of the most important additions is our All-Natural Beard & Face Wash.


You may be asking, "Why do I need a special wash for my face and beard?"   Good question, and that's what this post is all about.


It's super easy to wash your beard.  It's also super easy to wash your beard the wrong way.  Using the same soap or shampoo you use on your body and hair can cause your beard to dry out, become brittle and/or coarse or even have hair fall out.  Using a wash specifically formulated for your beard will help cut down on the dryness, itching, flaking and can even promote the growth of new hair to help fill in the empty patches!


It's important to remember that using the same soap/shampoo you use on your hair and body on your face and beard can strip your beard of the natural oils that give it serious luster.   


And if you're serious about your beard, you want it to shine and look its best!


We're asked how often you should wash your face and beard.  That's a tricky question since all faces and beards aren't the same.  As a rule, using a specific Face & Beard Wash twice a week will get the job done.   You may need to adjust based on the kind of work you do or how much time your face spends battling the elements.


Mama's Gardens is exceptionally proud of the Face & Beard Wash we have.  It's easy to use (a couple of pumps from the bottle either in the shower or right after and you're good to go!), smells great (we have a variety of scents from woody to urban) and use only the finest ingredients right down to the essential oils.   


Whether it's a mustache, goatee or serious biker beard, our Face & Beard Wash will leave you clean, vibrant and looking your best!




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