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Beer, here!

October 30, 2017

You may have noticed quite a few beer soaps on the website.  


You may also have asked yourself, "What's the point?"  Or, "Seems like a waste of perfectly good beer."


Before you start thinking you'll be drunk at work or get pulled over for a DUI, we boil out the alcohol and then replace some of the water in the recipe with the beer.  What's left are the notes and aromas from the hops and malt.


There are multiple reasons to use a soap made with beer, and here are but a few:


1 - It's cool.  Seriously, using a soap made with beer from a local brewery or one made with YOUR favorite beer is just pretty freaking awesome!


2- Helps clear acne.   The hops and malts in the beer have been proven to clean the skin and allow acne to clear up faster and better.  (Obviously, I can't guarantee how fast or how clear, but it does work)


3- Your hair.  Beer is great for strengthening and helping your hair grow.


4- Your skin.  I saved the best for last.  Beer has AMAZING moisturizing properties for the skin and helps leave it looking and feel hydrated, rich and clean.


That's it, in a nutshell.   We'd love it if you gave our beer soap a try.  If you've got a special beer that you'd like seen made into a soap, drop a comment and let's talk!



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